great fish life in Pulau Dua

Actions and Projects

At the moment, our actions are still limited due to the lack of funds. All the funding is coming from the resort income and our private funds, which are getting scarce due to the pandemic. Nerverthelss, we are proud to say that since we did build the resort a great work have been achieved. Illegal fishing practises have stopped, and the marine life has greatly recovered: Species that were scarce are back in numbers: sharks, Napoleon Wrasses, groupers, Barramundi cods…The fish biomass is also increasing, so we keep doing the good job hoping for better times soon.

Our Actions

Departure for sea patrol

Marine conservation: Watching and Monitoring

Avoid illegal fishing to preserve and improve the biodiversity and the biomass of the sea life ot this Slawesi area is our main target. Villagers are allowed to fish inside the protected area, but only with traditional equipment. Watching the area with regular patrols, on land and at sea, in order to avoid illegal fishing is our top priority. We are training some villagers to become rangers with the participation of the local police. We also plan to use drone to minimize the costs. The biomass did significatively increase since we started to take action, sharks and Napoleon Wrasses are back and many other species are follow.

Waste Management

Tompotika Foundation is active in the waste management. The resort employes some villagers to clean the beach, which is not any more the waste field it used to be. We are implementing some trash bins for the non orgnic wastes, and trying to find some solutions: transportation costs are too high as the plastic recycling industries are only on Java island. May be the only temporary solution available will be to install an incinerator.  We also care of  the waste in the neighboring villages, the aim being avoiding any plastic waste to end up in the sea.

Education as a key for  marine conservation.

Education is one of the key to awareness so we have a program to run on the villages schools of the area. Movies about the sea life, the damage of plastics, basic courses of sea ecology. In the field we learn snorkelling to the village kids.