The Pulau Dua Area

Pulau Dua

The Pulau Dua area coast is montaneous. The underwater life concentrates around sea mounts and ridges, rocky substrates colonized with hard and soft corals. Black corals, gorgonians, soft corals of all shapes and colours are all around. Sandy slopes and flats with big rock boulders are another frequent formation where more hard corals are found. The waters are not always clear, due to the abundance of plancton that supports a tremendous amount of sea life. Schools of Surgeonfish, butterflyfishes, trevallies, barracudas, clouds of Anthias, Mobullas, Mantas and eagle rays; Reef sharks as white and black tips, grey reef sharks are getting back more and more abundant. The sandy slopes of the Kampangar bay is home to many critters, especially from May to November when there is no swell.

Map of Pulau Dua protected area